Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok this is the first post that "we" feel is important in the grand scheme of things. Dave Chapel said that its dismissive to call people crazy, "I don't understand that person so they are crazy. That's bullshit! People are not crazy, they are strong. Maybe the environment they are in is a little sick..."

WE think this is one of those situations...

Today a Florida man , Phil Nguyen, decided to drive his car into a bank.
Average Joe: "Well there ya go! Another CRAZY losing his mind!"

Stop... collaborate and listen...lets analyze this a little further...

Why the hell does this guy drive his car into a bank!?!?
The guy is young, in his twenties, definitely not Grannie hittin' drive instead of reverse. He said that the CIA has targeted him because of his YouTube videos about the financial system in America. He felt that he would soon be dead. He actually said this to the cops. The story gets more interesting when he says that the CIA used RADIATION to "target" him.
The anchor man said RADIATION, we say frequencies. HAARP frequencies. Evidence shows that HAARP can actually cause you to hear "voices in your head", along with controlling the weather ( It was even on The discovery channel! ) but that's a whole different post... He goes on to say that the CIA gave out these "radiation" guns to guest at a nearby hotel.

                           Lalala I cant hear you

          Crazy right.... prepare your foil hats.... they really work....


  1. you may think he is crazy. he is telling the truth there are thousands of citizens that are being targeted right now and they cannot get help because officials will not believe them or they dont want the public to know the truth. do some research on mind control and then you can judge with commonsense.

    1. I am just being sarcastic, I do not think he is crazy which is why I wrote an article about it.

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